Block Hackers before they get into your Server, PC or Website

Hacker Blocker blocks reported hacker and spammer IPs from all over the world, making your Server, Website or Personal Computer invisible to these cyber-criminals. Daily updates keep your computers safe & secure.

  • Blocks thousands of known Hacker & Spammer IPs
  • Blocks known "Bad Bots" and Crawler Spam
  • Lightweight - Works with Windows® Firewall
  • Downloads Automatic Updates Daily
  • Files provided for .htaccess, WHM & 3rd Party Firewalls

Protection for

Windows Firewall
htaccess blocks
WHM Firewall Rules
CSV Firewall Import

The Threat

Every day, hackers from Russia, Ukraine, China and other countries attack the USA with tactics like Denial of Service attacks, Malicious File Inclusions, Brute Force Logins, SQL Injections and other hacking tactics that, when successful, compromises the security of a server and allows the hacker access.

These attacks are not just on corporations, but also on Government Servers, schools, hospitals, telecommunications, even the power grid.

Attacks like these have increased over the years, but in 2016, attacks DOUBLED with 100,000 more attacks in 2016 than in 2015.

How do we know where they're from?

Each time a computer talks to another, it reports its IP Address - like a phone number - to each other. Our servers, like many others, have security software installed that detects hacker behavior, records the IP address and reports it.

Using online tools like, we can easily see where the attack is coming from. IP Addresses include 'country codes' that show where they originate from (such as Many Admins report these attacking IPs online every day on sites like & Project HoneyPot, to name a few.

We've combined our own IP list with these online systems to create the most comprehensive IP Block list in the industry, updated daily with fresh attacks.

Reported Hackers 2016
Reported Hacker Countries Dec 2016

Chart based on 341,486 reported attacks in the last 30 days - source:

How It Works

Be Invisible to Thousands of Hackers & Spammers

Windows® Firewall has proven to be one of the best firewalls, but like all others it lacks a crucial component - a Block List of known hacker and spammer IPs. Over the years, we've compiled a database of attackers on our own servers, and combined them with other IP databases of reported Hackers, Spammers, and cyber-criminals.

Hacker Blocker updates blocked IPs on your Windows® Server or PC daily, with no performance impact. We also provide IP Block Lists for 3rd party firewalls, WHM Firewalls and .htaccess Files.

Learn More

Known Hacker IPs

Collected IPs

After years of our clients' web servers being attacked, we used detection tools to block and record Hacker & Spammer IPs, and then added each IP to our server Firewall one by one.
IP Blocklists

Verified IPs

Before adding an IP to our Firewall, we verify every one with IP reporting databases like AbuseIPDB. Every IP we block is a verified hacker, spammer or cyber-criminal.
Types of hackers

Attacks Tracked & Blocked

We track and block daily hacker attacks on dozens of sites including SQL Injections, Malicious User Agents, CSRF, Remote & Direct File Inclusions, & Admin Login attempts.
Hacker Databases

Daily Updates

Our list is downloaded and applied to your Windows Firewall automatically, every day. We also update our CSV import and .htaccess files for other firewalls and individual websites.
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Hacker IP Blocker
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