Block Millions of Verified Hacker IPs

Your Best Defense Against Hackers, Spammers & Bots

Hacker Blocker for Windows & Linux is the first automatic Firewall updating software in the world. Our proprietary blocklist includes millions of verified hackers, spammers and bots, making your Server, Website, or PC invulnerable to their attacks.

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WHM Firewall

Stops Attacks Instantly

Protect PCs Servers, Workstations or Entire Networks

The graph on the right shows server Traffic, Attacks and available Bandwidth. When HB is installed, attacks dropped 90% INSTANTLY, with substantial increases in available Bandwidth and server performance.

No Legitimate Traffic Affected

Google Analytics shows time and time again that legitimate traffic is unaffected by Hacker Blocker. In many cases, traffic increases after deployment, as more bandwidth is available and pages load faster.

Prolongs Hardware Life

Web Servers & Network Equipment using HB require less power, produce less heat, use less memory and CPU, increasing hardware life significantly.

Attacks on Server by Hackers

We Block CIDRs / IPs Reported For

  • DoS & DDoS Attacks
  • Ransomware Attacks
  • Failed Admin Logins
  • RFI / DFI File Inclusions
  • SQL Injection Attacks
  • Malicious User Agents
  • Bad / Fake Bots
  • Spammers
  • CSRF Attacks

For Web Servers

Protect Websites or Entire Web Servers

Linux/Unix - Our Linux Firewall Updating Service requires no software installation on your end, we update your native .deny file via Secure FTP (SFTP) Protocol. You can also download our Rules List and import it into any Firewall or .htaccess file you wish.

For Windows Machines

Servers, PCs & Laptops

Windows OS - Our Windows Firewall Updating Software updates your native Windows Firewall every 15 minutes with new IPs verified by our central station. Runs as a Service and in VM environments, and can be used to protect entire networks.

Hacker IP Blocker
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