• Windows Firewall Updating Software

    Your Best Defense Against Hackers, Spammers & Bots

    Hacker Blocker for Windows is the first automatic Windows Firewall updating software in the world. Our proprietary blocklist includes over a million verified hackers, spammers and bots, making your Server, Website, or PC invunerable to their attacks.

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    Hacker Blocker for Windows
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    Hacker-Free Web Hosting

    Windows or Linux Hosting

    Hacker Blocker hosting is the first Hacker-Proof Hosting in the world. Our system detects, reports and blocks hackers from all over the world, automatically. Reduce bandwidth & power consumption, speed up your websites and protect your customers from identity theft.

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    Hacker Blocker Hosting
Hacker Blocker for Windows
Hacker Blocker for Windows Server
Hacker Blocker for Linux
Hacker Blocker for WHM Firewall
Hacker Blocker for Apache HTACCESS

For Business or Home

Protect PCs Servers, Workstations or Entire Networks

Windows OS - Hacker Blocker for Windows can be installed on individual workstations, laptops and servers, and can be run in a Virtual Environment to protect an entire network. Running as a Service, Hacker Blocker updates your Windows Firewall Rules every 15 minutes from our central station.

For Web Servers

Protect Websites or Entire Web Servers

Linux/Unix - Our Linux Firewall Updating Service requires no software installation on your end, we update your native .deny file via Secure FTP (SFTP) Protocol. You can also download our Rules List and import it into any Firewall or .htaccess file you wish.

The Problem

We Are Under Attack, Right Now

Businesses and Websites across the country are under constant attack, causing slow-downs, overloads and worse. Hacking and spamming attacks have increased dramitically in recent months, but no one has addressed the real solution - block the hackers.

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