Election Protection Project

Hacker Blocker is now FREE for U.S. Election Systems

election protection project

Hacker Blocker is now offering an unlimited SITE LICENSE for computers and networks associated with the 2020 election. This includes all state and federal agencies that are charged with the security of the election.

Hacker Blocker is the only Firewall that protects computers and networks from known and reported hackers from all over the world, as well as spambots and compromised servers. To date, we are blocking over 400 million IP addresses from countries like Russia, Ukraine, China, Brazil, Poland, France, Norway, Germany and dozens of others, without affecting legitimate traffic.

Servers that install our software report up to a 95% reduction in attacks immediately, with no decrease in real visitors to their sites or networks. Our IP list includes:

  • Reported Hackers and Spammers from multiple reporting agencies online
  • Bots disguising themselves as Google or other legitimate sites
  • Hacker Networks from Russia, China, Ukraine and others
  • CIDRs of attackers on our client's servers

System Administrators and server farms using our software report a significant reduction in malicious traffic, power consumption and heat production, and longer life in networking equipment - with no effect in legitimate traffic to their sites or networks. With Hacker Blocker, your systems become invisible to attackers, and your Firewall is updated every 15 minutes with newly reported hackers.

For information on getting your free license for Hacker Blocker for Windows or Linux, please contact our offices at:

Election Protection Project
(866) 570-1003

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