How It Works

Hacker Blocker is the Only Firewall Updating Software & Service

Hacker Blocker works by updating the native Windows Firewall IP block lists with over 3 million verified hackers, spammers and bots from around the world. Each one of these IPs and CIDRs are verified, vetted and confirmed before being added to our list. Right now, we have one of the most comprehensive list of known hackers in the world. We update this list constantly, as our central station receives reports of attacks from our clients, verifies and adds them to the block list. The more they attack our clients, the stronger our protection becomes.

Windows Firewall

Windows Server, 7, 8x, 10 Firewall is updated by Hacker Blocker every 15 minutes, downloading our block list and updating the rules in the Firewall. Hacker Blocker runs as a service, so can be used in Virtual Environments, even protect entire networks. Networks that install our software have seen up to a 90% drop in bandwidth usage immediately, with a corresponding drop in power usage and heat production, resulting in longer hardware life.

Windows 7, 8x, 10 Firewall Updater

WHM Firewall

Many web servers run on WHM (Web Host Manager) a software for configuring your hosting server. We include IP_GLOBAL files for you to upload to your etc/firewall folders, or we can update your Firewall automatically using secure FTP.

Windows Firewall Updater

3rd Party Firewalls

For using 3rd Party Firewalls, subscribers can download CSV files of IP Block Rules for easy import. Our CSV files include our HoneyPot of blocked IPs.

3rd Firewall Rules


For individual websites, we include a formatted .htaccess file to upload to your ROOT web folder. We recommend updating often, so you're never out of date.

htaccess hacker protector

How Our Block List is Compiled

abuseipdbEvery day, websites, servers and PC are attacked by hackers and spammers. These cyber-criminals, usually from Russia, Ukraine and China, continually bombard us with all types of attacks such as brute force password attacks, Malicious User Agents, Virus Uploads, File Inclusions and plain-old identity theft.

myip.msWe've created a system that reports attacks on websites and servers across the country to our central station; we then research their origin and if they are a hacker, we block them. Part of our research involves vetting these IPs with online reporting agencies, some of which we've partnered with to import their IP list into our database. This list is consolidated and exported from our Firewall daily, formatted into various file types, and made available to our subscribers. Our block list changes hourly, as new IPs are reported, vetted, reviewed and added by our dedicated team.

Every one of the IPs in our list are proven Hackers, Spammers and 'Bot Bots', and we never block legitimate IP traffic. We don't block entire Countries, just reported bad IPs and hacker networks outside the USA, ensuring your normal web traffic is never affected. Even Government Agencies can safely use our software without blocking legitimate traffic.

Subscriptions, Updates and Support

Hacker Blocker for Windows® receives automatic updates daily for Active Subscribers and updates the rules of the native Windows® Firewall program. No Subscription is required for the software to run, but it will not get further updates if your subscription expires. IP pools change all the time, so having the latest IP list is crucial to staying protected.

Hacker Blocker subscriptions also include access to pre-formatted .htaccess files, WHM Firewall Rules files, and CSV files for 3rd party firewalls. These files are updated as new IPs are reported and vetted through online reporting agencies. Your Subscription Key is required to install on a Windows® computer, and can be used for one installation. Subscribers have access to our .DENY and .CSV files, and they can use them on as many systems as they want. Expired subscribers will not be able to get automatic updates, or access the latest versions of our 3rd party files.

We provide installation support for websites and WHM Firewall plugins, contact our offices for prices and availability Mon-Fri, 9-5 EST.

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